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Letter to the Editor – Doug Hill – 5-13-2015

Dear Carlton,

I would like to take this opportunity to pass along some information to your readers and especially GCHS alumni.

A small group of enthusiasts have joined together and are in the early stages of planning an all school reunion. We are tentatively looking at several dates in the summer of 2017. We are currently seeking any thoughts or ideas that you may have. A long list of ideas that we might pick and choose from would be helpful.

We are considering dates in mid-June, early August, and early September, specifically Rustic Lore Weekend. We have a face book page (GCHS All School Reunion) where we are currently conducting a date preference poll. We can also be contacted by secure e-mail at or at my mailing address at

Doug Hill
117 Tiffany Creek Road
Glenwood City, WI 54013

or by dropping a letter to the editor of the Tribune Press Reporter. Please include contact information so we can reach you if needed.

Down the road a bit we will be needing some financial assistance to help with expenses; please keep us in mind. Donations may  be sent to my (Doug’s) home address above.

Again we are in the early planning stages, so things may seem a little slow for a while, but I am sure you will find it more exciting as we get closer to the reunion weekend.

We look forward to the planning and especially the reunion weekend to renew old friendships and enjoy activities together. Many of you we haven’t seen since the last all school reunion in August of 1993.

Reunion Committee
Doug Hill
Class of 1965