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LTE – Janet Scepurek – 5-6-2015

Dear Editor,

I visited the website WalletHub.  They ranked WI 48 (3rd highest) but when adjusted for cost of living by state, real estate taxes show WI 42 (9th highest).  For lower incomes, WI is 27; for higher incomes WI is 46 (5th highest). Vehicle tax assumes ownership of a 2015 Toyota Camry worth $22,970.  How relevant is that?  There are “lies, damn lies, and statistics.”  WI is tied for #1 (lowest tax) with 21 other states.

Education is important. It bothers me when people don’t support it.  I had kids in public schools in the Doyle years, and I was very pleased with the small class sizes.  If Doyle money allowed that, it was money well spent.  A person can’t put a price on a child’s education, which we prize highly in this country.  We should invest money in the early grades, when kids gain skills like reading.

I wonder if “they [UW-Stout] and the rest of the university system schools need to make it work with what they have” is truly how you would react if someone cut your income? Where should they cut? Losing $300 million could cut 4,450 jobs or more.  Those people would no longer be paying taxes but drawing unemployment.  Since Stout is Wisconsin’s Polytechnic University, is cutting technology education a bright idea?

I pay $300/credit and $800 for an electronic text for my Stout student. Because of the tuition freeze, fees will go up! What is taxpayers’ responsibility to support education?  Ideally a public UW would be semi-affordable for the average family.

What if UW quality downsizes?  In 20 years will we note a downfall began on Scott Walker’s watch? What if lowered quality happens while the UW’s are producing our future state reps and senators?  We should think longer term.  We should never sacrifice our long-term goals for our short-term goals.

Janet Scepurek