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LTE – Joan Foris – 4-29-2015


I would like to congratulate the music department at Colfax High School for the recent presentation of ‘Spotlight Night’. The production showcased students in 6th through 12th grade performing in groups or as solo acts. Our community has a history of athletic achievement as well as a depth of musical talent and achievement as was demonstrated during the evening.

Producing an event such as this is no small task and takes a great amount of time and effort on the part of teachers, students and support staff. The staging, sound production, and lighting all help to create a memorable evening for those of us attending. It is also important to note that the money raised from this event will go towards scholarships for students to attend a variety of music camps in the future.

Music, art, and sporting events will be enjoyed by students and adults throughout their lives, (either as an active participant or observer/listener). Providing the opportunity for students to participate in music activities, through scheduling opportunities for music/art classes and financial support for productions will establish the basis for this enjoyment in the future. I hope events such as this will continue to be supported by the school administration, school board and the community.

Joan Foris, Colfax