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LTE – Mike Kadinger – 4-1-2015

On April 7th the voters of the Glenwood City school district have a choice to make.  They can choose to vote for the referendum, choose to vote against it or choose to not vote at all.  I would like to take this opportunity to ask the voters of the district to join me in voting in favor of the referendum.

 Our school is one of the focal points of Glenwood City and the surrounding communities and it is time to address the needs of the school, some of which are bare necessities.  As a parent it is concerning to witness some of the deterioration of parts of the schools.  Some of the things that I am aware of:

• Several buckets hanging in the ceiling within our elementary school from leaking pipes and roof

• an outdated heating system and leaking valves that has forced the use of a tarp and hose system with water draining into a bucket in our main high school gym

• hearing that for over a month our student athletes and physical education students did not have hot water to shower with

• outside lighting that is dark and difficult for community members to see at evening activities

In addition our school needs to provide technology upgrades so that our students are able to keep pace with a very competitive world, whether it be the workforce, technical college or entry into a 4 year university.  From a safety standpoint there are also measures to be taken.  We need to update our fire alarm system so that the location of a fire can be communicated to firefighters.  The entry of our school must be renovated so that our main office is located at the forefront of our building so that access can be monitored more effectively.  We want to do all we can to protect our students, teachers & staff and this renovation would accomplish this.

Looking at this referendum I see it as an investment in our present and future.  I am a product of Glenwood City schools and my children will soon be too.  Please join me in voting “yes” to the referendum and investing in our school and children.

Mike Kadinger