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LTE – Steve Davis – 3-18-2015

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you in regards to the upcoming vote on April 7th for the Glenwood City School District Referendum.

I am a resident with 3 children in the Glenwood City School District. I have 2 children in the middle school and one child in the elementary. I strongly support the referendum for not only the future of my children but for all of the students that currently attend Glenwood City Schools and for the children that will attend in the future. The support of the community is the future of Glenwood City.

I am asking that you please take a minute to educate yourself on the needs of our school. For more information there are a few places you can look. The school’s website, The Glenwood City Referendum Facebook page or contact Superintendent Tim Johnson in the district offices. Your vote can help change the future for our kids.

Steve Davis