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LTE – C. Douglas Enloe – 3-18-2015


Spring election are coming up April 7th, 2015. It is important that you show up and vote. Local school, village, township, and other governing bodies are only as strong as the people elected to these  positions.

Persons elected should be interested in serving the public good. These individuals should not be voting to advance their own or their families’ agenda or their own good. To do otherwise is unethical, immoral and illegal. If you are not willing to get involved by voting or serving in local government, you will get the government you deserve. This is not necessarily the government your children deserve.

Most schools require courses in history and government for a reason. It is your responsibility to inform and educate yourself and participate in government. There are many honest, hardworking, ethical people serving and willing to serve in local government. It is your JOB to show up and elect and support them.

C. Douglas Enloe