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LTE – Brenda Salseg – 3-18-2015

In a recent New Richmond News Letter to the Editor by Forest resident, Carol Johnson, ( she called out several details of Governor Walker’s proposed 2015-2017 budget. Specifically, Ms. Johnson criticized allocation of $250,000 for a wind turbine health study and stated wind farms are not harmful to human health. Wind energy development is a lucrative business. Wouldn’t you agree the industry is likely to do everything in its power to stall health studies while it reaps billions of dollars in tax-payer subsidies?

 Walker’s proposed budget allocation for a heath study is modest, but it is a start. $250,000 could represent the value of one average small acreage Wisconsin homestead like one of the abandoned homes in the Shirley Wind project. Those of us living with or threatened by industrial wind are grateful Governor Walker is concerned about the health of Wisconsin families. Ms. Johnson signed her letter as vice chair of St. Croix County democrats. Does she represent that ALL county democrats deem a health study unnecessary? The Brown County Board of Health believes differently and has declared Shirley Wind in Glenmore, Wisconsin a “human health hazard.” I think residents who have been made sick by infrasound producing industrial wind turbines and watched helplessly as their properties became worthless deserve better treatment and have been ignored long enough.

Ms. Johnson’s letter also chastised registered voters for nonparticipation in the last gubernatorial election. She stated, “If we’re not even willing to vote, the least amount of effort a democracy asks of us, how can we hope to do the important work to maintain the republic we’ve been born into?” I agree with Ms. Johnson. Forest residents have consistently for the last four years voted in numbers well above the state average and in opposition to industrialization of the township we call home.

Our town board is up for election on April 7, 2015. I urge my neighbors to continue to set the example of the democratic process that clearly sends the message, “No Industrial Wind Turbines in Forest.” Re-elect current town board members, Jaime Junker and Craig Paulson; Treasurer, Nikki Sunday; elect Laverne Hoitomt as supervisor, and Anne Johnston for town clerk.

Brenda Salseg
Town of Forest resident