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LTE – Dick Hilson – 3-18-2015

The Obama Coup

Yes, the Obama Coup. Mind you, I’m talking about Kop, not the K.U. Coup. It’s about Obama and his “Coup D’Etat”. Inner Circle.

 Going back (7) seven years in time, the year 2008, when Obama was standing on the Democratic platform declaring the principles of “change.” He came across as mystically powerful relating to direct communion with God. It was all about his so-called positive changes that “We The People” so desperately needed. The bait was out there and may were hooked and reeled in. Then again in the year 2012, Obama was on the same platform strutting his cool moves, displaying his Cheshire Cat smile and sporting a Longer Nose and – wait one minute, Dick, longer nose, what’s that all about – and declaring an extension of his positive changes. The new catchword was “forward”. Yes, Pinnochle and his Coup D’Etat are well on their way with the “dumbing down of America”. Of course, with the well-honed plan and the inner dealings of the Illuminati. Folks, it’s “Forward” into the nations caldron of water and rock-a-bye in the rocking cradle of iron and rods. Gosh, wish I was still a political cartoonist – we can still do that, can’t we. And the scene goes on and on. Will the curtain be drawn back. Will the cows come home. Will the ladie’s vocals ring out. Wake up America. Get out of that easy chair, turn off the TV, turn off the computer, put away the  snacks and hang your toys on a nail. It’s time for show and Tell. It’s not the who is in the White House. It’s he who is in God’s House. It’s time for the good old revivals, it’s time to fast, it’s time for repentance and it’s time to get on your knees and pray like a hacking cough. I want you to open your Bibles now and go to Psalms 109:8. It’s the nineteenth book in the Old Testament. At one time we’ve all heard Obama say, “God Bless America”. Is he asking our God, who is Lord of Lords and King of Kings to bless America, or is he asking another god to bless America. Before I sign off, I applaud Mr. Benjamin Netanyaho, the prime minister of Israel; a powerhouse man who tells about the real world. Don’t put that Bible away. Go to Genesis 12:3, the first book in the Old Testament. “Those who bless Israel are blessed. Those who curse Israel are cursed.”

Dick Hilson, Colfax

P.S. – I wonder where pouting Obama and his sidekicks hid out.