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Letter to the Editor – Tryn Gross – 3-11-2015

Dear Editor,

I’m writing to you regarding the Glenwood City School District referendum. I’m an active member of the Task Force that determined the immediate needs of our school, an active member of the Parent Teacher Committee, and a mother to three young boys.

I’ve seen the needs of our school first hand and know that we need the help of our community to give our kids the quality and efficient learning environment that they deserve.

I ask that everyone please review the items covered through this referendum. You’ll see these items truly are the needs of our school. We want our kids to be safe and secure while getting quality education, and we’re asking for your help.

There are two upcoming community informational meetings: Monday, March 16th at 7:00 at the Community Center and Monday, March 23rd at 5:00  at the High School Library. I will be attending both meetings and will be happy to speak with anyone who is looking for a parent’s perspective.

You can find information about the referendum on the school’s website (, on the Glenwood City School District Referendum Facebook page, and at several locations throughout the community. You may also contact Superintendent Tim Johnson at the District Office at 715-265-4757.

Please consider the future of our kids and our community when you vote April 7th.

Tryn Gross