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Letter to the Editor – Denise Wysocki Freeberg – 3-11-2015

Sand mines . . . but what is the cost?

We are truly blessed in western Wisconsin to live in an area that is full of rolling hills, winding rivers and creeks, abundant wildlife and clean air. But in recent years something has started to change our scenery.

The hills are starting to disappear, rivers and creeks are cloudy at times with runoff, there have been reports of well contamination and light pollution that is changing the night skies. What is happening is the rapidly expanding sand mines popping up all over Western Wisconsin. They say that the mines bring jobs, but is it worth the cost when we are losing what God has blessed us with in clean air and water, rolling hills and abundant wildlife. There is currently a 1,310 acre sand mine proposed for the Town of Howard. In addition to the numerous sand mines already in the surrounding counties. I wonder where the generations of family farmers, neighbors and the abundant wildlife will go if the mine goes in? The roads and soon the railroad tracks will also be used to transport the sand. What will happen when we can no longer enjoy the beauty we have been blessed with? Let’s not take for granted the gifts that we have received.

Denise J. Wysocki Freeberg