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LTE – Kathy Mitchell – 1-7-2015

As a resident of the Village of Colfax for many years and my parents before me I am totally confused why there are so many slum lords renting to people such as drug dealers, meth makers (for lack of a better term), arsonists, child molesters and other unsavory types of people. Don’t they do background checks before renting to “these individuals”? I can think of 10 residences that are rented to criminals within our friendly little Village.

Also, I believe there is at least one business where you can purchase any type of illegal substance a drug user would want.

I realize that there are good landlords who live in our Village and rent to good people in our Village. The majority of slum lords do not live in our Village so their families aren’t exposed to the criminals to whom they rent.

Our Police Department is doing their best to attempt to keep this Village safe for law abiding citizens and our children/grandchildren. Unfortunately if you slum lords continue to rent to “these individuals” no one will feel or be safe in our Village.

It is just a matter of time before the nice law abiding citizens in our Village are outnumbered by the criminals in this town. It is time that we say “enough is enough!”

A very concerned Village Resident,
Kathy Mitchell