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LTE – Cindy Kuscienko – 11-5-2014

Where’s Waldo? That was my first thought as I read the article authored by Ms. Ralph “St. Croix Judge hears oral argument in Forest vs. PSC” in regards to the hearing held on October 21st. Waldo was no where to be found that day.

In Ms. Ralph’s article that was published in the Tribune Press Reporter on October 29th, Mr. John Lorence of the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) was quoted no less than fourteen times. However, unless Mr. Lorence was incognito or able to speak through a medium, or called on the Starship Enterprise to “beam me over to Hudson, Scotty”, I did not see anyone that resembled Mr. Lorence in the courtroom that day. The courtroom was full of people from the town of Forest who oppose the installation of a 44-500’ wind turbine project within the 36 square miles of the Township of Forest. The additional room available to the residents of Forest, regardless of whether they were pro or con, consisted only of those who oppose the project. Not one of them saw Mr. Lorence, either. And, not one person in support of the project was present other than those who represented the PSC and Highland Wind.

Ms. Ralph wrote that Town of Forest counsel, Mr. Oliveria, “made much” of points that came up during the day. “Made much” instead of “as stated” indicate to me this article was written as an editorial or an opinion piece and not as a factual representation of what took place during the hearing on October 21st.

Remember the show Dragnet? Joe Friday and Bill Gannon always wanted “just the facts ma’am”. But if the “facts” as written are distorted or flat out wrong, how are we to know what we can or cannot believe?

It is a fact, Mr. John Lorence was not present in the courtroom on October 21st, 2014. It was Mr. Justin Chasco who represented the Public Service Commission that day. Other statements in the article are very misleading; such as the results of a survey completed by less than 50% of the township residents. But the blatant inaccuracy attributing 14 different quotes alone to someone who wasn’t there indicate reporter negligence.

I say “Book ‘er Danno!”

But why let the facts get in the way of a good story?

Cindy Kuscienko
Town of Forest