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LTE – Elisabeth Nelson – 10-8-2014

October 4, 2014

The people who study this stuff confirm that most government workers vote “Democrat” because they like their jobs, and are secure in their jobs. They know their raises will come regularly, and that more government employees will be hired whenever possible. It is good indeed to have a government job.

Here in St. Croix County that was aptly demonstrated by the article written in the Hudson Star Observer dated Sept. 25, 2014.  In this issue our “Democrat” County board is a textbook example of the above. In addition, most spouses, parents, grandparents and children of the government employees often vote in accordance of the wishes of the government employee because of the tuned in collective human nature of listening to WIFM. (What’s in it for ME)

In all fairness, with exception to the fabrications surrounding the Baldwin Ag. Bldg., Supervisor Roy Sjoberg and all of the other 15 democrats who vote in near lockstep with him were pretty honest during their campaigns.  They promised they would spend, hire and grow government costs to the high heavens.  This will all be paid for by taking out mortgages on our homes in the form of bonding and raising our property taxes the maximum amount allowed by law.  They are dutifully following through on those promises. It is after all what the citizens of St. Croix County truly desire as evidenced by the wide margins by which most of the Democrats were elected. They now hold an impenetrable coalition on the county board shutting down all those who may present opposing arguments, or expect reasonable deliberation on board decisions.

So I say as is written in Galatians 6:7 of the Bible, we reap what we sow.  The people of St. Croix County overwhelmingly voted into County office Obama Democrats. Now, we are getting what the majority of our county residents have voted for: huge bonding issues, runaway spending, out of control budgets and increased size of government. Since the County Board does not print money, they are taking yours to pay for it.

Elisabeth Nelson
Hudson, WI