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LTE – O.K. Hedlund – 10-1-2014

Dear Carlton:

Thank you for the very nice article on the first Hedlund Hay Hoist. If I was asked to describe this situation, I guess I would say, “full circle, end of the line.”

I would guess that Gerald Smith requested no mention of the Smith Brothers nor their part in all of this. His comment, “what the Hedlund brothers started, the Smith brothers will finish.” How true – Gerald, Gordy, and Jim all united to remove this Hoist and it is now in Gerald’s hands for safe keeping. It may be viewed at the Smith residence in Downing.

Another thank you to the Sudbrinks for all their cooperation in this. And also thank you to Vaughn (Butch) Hedlund for his attendance at this occasion.

The real irony in all this is that the reporter, Kelsie, is the great-great-granddaughter of Hans C. Hoitomt, who is listed on the 1922 1st Barn Cleaner patent as the inventor with M.R. and W.E. Hedlund.

Thank you again, Carlton.

O.K. Hedlund