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LTE – Jim Bacon – 9-17-2014

Dear Carlton,

Like any non-metallic mining, silica sand mining can be done cleanly and quietly on a small scale.


 Scotty Teigen may have teamed up with the other sort. Fast, furious and leaving town with the last truckload of sand. I live on land between the Milestone Downing Quarry and the proposal Vista mine. I may open a small scale sand mine to demonstrate that it can be done without dust or water pollution. It would lower the land level about 20’ but would stay over 10’ above the water table. Less than one acre would be open at one time and reclamation would allow for solar power and raised bed gardens with composting and agriculture. Scotty Teigen has been a good neighbor for 35 years and those who know him may wonder at his choice to sell the sand on his land. “This may be the “best and highest use” for some of this land with very limited top soil and fertility. He won’t use the money to build a castle or glorify himself. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family in these stressful times.

Jim Bacon
Section 36, Town of Glenwood
Downing, WI