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LTE – Willem Gebben – 9-17-2014

Addressing a recent article by Greg Kozera.

There was an article in The Messenger in a section called “Off the Publisher’s Desk” that caught my attention. The article was by self described engineer and environmentalist Greg Kozera called “Debunking the Myths about Hydrofracking.”

 His claims about Hydrofracking are both inaccurate and misleading. His claim of greater independence from foreign oil is simply false. Because U.S. oil production is done mostly by multinational oil and gas corporations with no allegiance to the citizens of the United States and traded on the world market, it can hardly be called our oil. These corporations are only interested in creating profit for their shareholders who may be from anywhere in the world. The country that uses their oil exploration for the benefit of all their citizens is Norway, not the United States.

He also claims to be an environmentalist; this seems unlikely because the controversial process of hydraulic fracturing requires a large amount of silica sand from our area. This turns thousands of acres of what was once agricultural, rural residential, and wildlife areas into industrial strip mining areas with all its noise, air quality, traffic, water use and property value issues.

I urge people in this area to get involved and educate themselves about this issue rather than take the word of an industry insider with his obvious vested interest. I hope people will see what’s going on and who profits and who loses; as the saying goes you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

So take a ride and visit the mines in western Chippewa County and the Village of New Auburn and see if this looks like the kind of future we want for generations to come. Also check out the aerial view of the Town of Howard mine at or check out the website

Willem Gebben, Colfax