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LTE – Diane Rose – 8-27-2014

I remember the first time I entered the Colfax Public Library years ago, I was struck by how tiny and cramped it was. I have been to numerous public libraries in the area and have never seen one that had everything crammed together into one room.

Most libraries have separate areas for children, computers, the main collection, and librarian work area. Despite this , the Colfax library staff is friendly and helpful and offers quality children and community programs.

We live 2.5 miles from Colfax, but I love having local access to the bigger library collections through interlibrary loan without having to drive to Menomonie, Chippewa Falls, or Eau Claire (or having to pay for parking in downtown Eau Claire). Over the years, we have checked out books, magazines, CDs, and DVDs from the Colfax library and have attended numerous children’s programs there as well.

I once took my twins when they were toddlers to library story time and gave up after going  one time because it was too difficult navigating a double stroller up the handicap ramp and through the crowded library. I had better luck taking by youngest daughter to story time during the fall/winter and all three of my kids attended the summer library reading program, through it was difficult at times to hear the speakers due to the loud truck traffic on the highway going past the library.

This summer, I took my three kids to the Lego Contest at the library. There were maybe a dozen kids there with their parents and there was simply not enough room for everyone. There is one small table in the children’s area so some kids had to build their Lego creations on the floor and by the computer area.

It is difficult to check out books at times because the library entrance/exit door, book return area, and checkout counter are all located in the same place. Traffic flow is often congested there.

Parking on a busy street is also a big safety concern too, especially for those of us with young children and older folks.

The Colfax Public Library has outgrown its current space. Please support a new building at the generously-donated bank land location. An investment in a community’s literacy is never a waste of money.

Thank you,
Diane Rose, 
Town of Colfax resident & mother of three