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LTE – Russ Franko – 8-6-2014

America is a country Of the People, By the People and For the People.


 It is not to be destroyed by would-be dictators who think they know better or who are a afraid, such as George Bush Jr. putting in the Patriot Act which is totally against the Constitution and Bill of Rights; or Obama, Holder, Hillary, Pelosi, etc. attempting to destroy citizens rights with scare tactics.

A woman here said, “We should get rid of guns.” I said No! Everyone should have one. Then you couldn’t see 71 people in a theatre getting killed because by the time the criminal got off three or four shots we would have shot him dead!! Some people can’t see past their glasses and an outcast cannot cure their demented minds but only give them good glasses to look through. They have to be honest enough to want to see the truth.

Russ Franko