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LTE – Marian Aebly Walsh – 7-30-2014

RE: Your childhood picture featured in the 7/16 edition of your paper

I’m certain that my Aunt Frances Meulemans loved you as a child; I’m not certain she would love your politics of today. Aunt Frances would feed each child who came to her door – white or brown-skinned. She would even teach the child to read.

I feel that you present a very slanted political position and I get weary of it. You accuse Pres. Obama of many problems that exist in our world, particularly in the ugly cartoons you print from Americans for Limited Government. Our president is pictured as various caricatures. Many problems of today have roots deep in history. Both Republicans and Democrats bear responsibility.

Liberal Democrats-such as I consider myself-are responsible for many of the good things we have today such as minimum wage, Occupational Safety and Health Act, compulsory education for children, child labor laws, Social Security, Medicare, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Affordable Health Care Act, just to name a few. Our lives are better because of these issues.

I would suggest that you consult a history book and become better informed.

Now is the time to decide concerning my subscription to your paper. I debated whether I wanted it to come into my home another year, but decided there are many people in the Glenwood City area that I care about and maybe there will be news of them.

Marian Aebly Walsh