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LTE – Willem Gebben – 7-16-2014

July 7, 2014

Letter to the Editor

Yesterday I got an interesting phone call from a truck driver who’s interested in purchasing a home in the town of Colfax. He wants to move from his current location because sand trucks go by his house non-stop. He heard a rumor of a proposed sand mine around here and he wanted to know what I knew about it.

I told him about the proposed 2,000 acre mine, wet plant, and rail transfer facility and said there is an organized group opposing it.

The proposed mine directly affected his decision to move here, even though he found a beautiful place for sale. This illustrates how these sand mines have a negative impact on property values. Personally, I think this should be troubling to all residents in this area. Our property values are already badly impacted and the mine hasn’t even been approved.

We should wake up before it’s too late. Please get informed and get involved.

Willem Gebben
Colfax, WI