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LTE – Sheila Renee Lammi – 7-16-2014

The Bottom Line

It’s easy to assume things at first impressions. You saw a hand crafted poppy hanging from the mirror of someone’s car, you now “know” that the person donated money to a good cause. You respect him for his small contribution. Reality check – he picked it up off the ground as he was walking to his car.

 The past winter Wisconsin was so cold some people began to doubt global warming. Reality check – According to some scientists, losing our Arctic icecaps will change the flow of ocean currents from the equator causing some areas to be colder. You guessed it. Wisconsin is one of them.

Some people assume that wind turbines equal free energy. Not so fast! Energy is needed to obtain and transport the building materials leaving pollution behind. More energy is needed for maintenance, heating or cooling and backup. Building 42 turbines (500 feet tall to compensate for the lack of wind) in Forest Township would not cover the costs. It would lower property values and endanger the health of the residents and animals. It would discourage other energy sources. The price of solar panels has dropped and Noel Rahn of Geronimo Energy says “that ultimately solar energy has a bigger future and for a simple reason. There is more sun than wind.” (“Solar Powers Big Win,” Star Tribune, April 20, 2014) A wind complex would also discourage organic farming which saves energy by bringing healthy foods closer to the consumer. The number of organics is increasing. “Wisconsin is now home to 1,200 organic farms.” (“Wisconsin Buys into Organics” Star Tribune, November 24, 2013).

Some people assume sand mining equals free money with few costs. Slow down! What about the dangerous dust and the holes left behind for the next generations? Are the economic losses to farmers and retailers worth a few trucking jobs? What about people living miles away where sand is shipped to? Oil companies will drain their water in the fracking process leaving dangerous chemicals behind.

The bottom line: Don’t destroy our environment in order to save it. Maybe we don’t need so much energy. When’s the last time you hung your clothes out to dry?

Sheila Renee Lammi
Glenwood City, WI