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LTE – Arlene Hones – 7-16-2014

Letter to the Editor and to the Colfax Village Board:

I have been reading about the gift of land for a future site of the Colfax library from the Dairy State Bank. I hope the village board will see this as a great opportunity to better the village of Colfax.

Over the years of our life we used the library very little only because most days we were glad to have time to read the daily paper and a magazine now and then, but we always knew it was there and an important part of the community. Roger’s last years that he was dealing with his health issues and unable to be active, his love of reading helped him to deal with each day.

I carried several books each week home for him to read and enjoy. The girls at the library were a great help to me to select ones we hoped he would enjoy. Now that I have more time on my hands, I, too, have become a regular user of the library. I marvel at the sources there, available to young and old, but they are so cramped! With the “MORE” system, we have a wonderful source of books and materials available to us.

With my health and age problems, I find it a challenge at times to find a parking space available that I feel able to use, also with the parking being on the street of Highway 40, often traffic is a challenge. The steps yet are possible for me with care, but not easy, especially with my cane and a book or tote to handle.

This is such an important facility for our community. I hope it can be a reality and something Colfax can be proud of now and for many years ahead.

Thank you for the library!

Arlene Hones