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LTE – Kitz Cleary – 7-2-2014

Dear Editor,

We all love to hear about olden times, but in the 21st Century things have changed. A lot.

Libraries today don’t just lend books.  Today’s libraries lend e-books and digital readers. They also teach library users how to use those e-books and readers — and train newbies in using computers and other digital devices.

 Today’s citizens have access to computers they wouldn’t have otherwise because of the library. Perhaps most importantly today’s libraries serve as a center for the community.  All at no charge.

With an accessible library our elderly and handicapped no longer need to be kept from using the library because the stairs are an obstacle. Parents will find parking easy and safe as they bring their children to the library for books and programs. There will be sufficient space for those children’s programs.  Students will have facilities for their Lego club and study groups.   As a community center, the library will be a center for discussions, group meetings, book clubs, film screenings, lectures, candidate forums, study groups, classes, and civic events.

Colfax is a vital community worthy of a library that meets the needs of its citizens today and into the future.  We are grateful for the public spirit of Dairy State Bank in donating the land to begin that effort.  It is a gift that will continue to give for decades.

As we begin this effort it is important to remember that the need for a new library didn’t just hatch.  Fourteen years ago when the current library director was hired, her interview committee pointedly asked her whether she would be willing to champion a new library.  She said she would at that time, and she stands ready to do so now.

Not to be too crass but an accessible, inviting, up-to-date library isn’t only about library users.  It’s also about commerce.  The library is a reason to come into town, to stay in town a while longer, to wait for Dad while he runs chores, to wait for Mom while she gets groceries or has her hair done, and it’s a reason to get out of the house in gloomy weather, to read the newspaper and magazines and perhaps pick up a DVD.

The quality of the Colfax school is legendary – a quality library will continue that tradition.

Yours very truly,
Kitz (Catherine) Cleary
Dunn County Dist. 6 Supervisor