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Letter to the Editor – Leigh Diller – 7-2-2014

To the Editor:

Carlton, I thought you might get a chuckle over the following story.

Last March one day, I was reading the news runners on the bottom of a TV screen. The first story was “Washington studies global warmth”. The very next story was “Hard March freeze in South Carolina destroys thirty percent of peach crop”.

Al Gore and Obama should have been around for the Dust Bowl days in the 1930s. We had such a severe drought and unbearable heat waves. We had temperatures of 104 and 105 in the last days of May and first days of June. It got so dry that pastures dried up. Some farmers took their dairy herds up to northern Wisconsin in search of grass pasture. We were lucky to have river bottom pasture. Farmers planted emergency crops such as soybeans and Sudan grass for forage. I remember my father cutting swamp grass with a scythe out in the swamp bog for hay. He planted soybeans on a lowland field and then cut them with a grain binder. He fed the soybean bundles to the cattle.

We didn’t get electricity on the farm until 1938 so there was no air conditioning or electric fans. You just had to grin and bear it.  Our hired man at that time, Arnie Bradshaw, had a favorite saying of “One hundred in the school and no shade.” If we had a strong wind from the west for some time, clouds of dust would blow in from the Dakotas.

But then by the 1960s the weather experts were warning that there was so much carbon in the air that we were going back to the “Ice Ages”.

Leigh Diller