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LTE – Scott Gunnufson – 5-28-2014

Sesquicentennial Celebration planning is in full swing!! All the way back to last July, the Colfax Commercial Club began planning the village’s 150th celebration. The planning committee has mainly consisted of only about five to seven members. (The Centennial planning committee in 1964 had about 80 members.)

As the planning team reflects, we are glad to say things are coming together reasonably well thus far. One thing is certain though. There is never enough time, volunteers or donations to accommodate all the planning that goes into a community celebration like this one.

We have broken down our tentative progress and schedule to give the residents a bit more information of what to expect as we hope this becomes the most memorable anniversary for the village yet.

You will continue to hear about our efforts as we ask businesses for donations and community members for their volunteerism.  With the changing of the times, I think everyone can see that volunteerism is not like it used to be 50 years ago.

Many may now ask: what’s in it for me?

That is a valid question, but I would encourage those people to think as a part of a community and that this is a historical event for all of our families and friends to enjoy.

Any profits through beverages and food sales will be going back into the village to enhance its appearance, to help draw people to shop in Colfax, and to encourage businesses to locate in Colfax — which is the reason we created the Colfax Commercial Club.

Some of the things we have discussed are to place “Way finding” signs that help navigate visitors through the village; benches and other amenities to make Main Street more inviting; and offering options to enhance the exposure for the community businesses.

How can you help? Even though we have the times and events pretty well established, we still need volunteers to help in particular areas.

Flip-Flop Chicken — We are looking for a group or a couple of experienced individuals that can grill chicken for a large crowd.  (Rates can be negotiable.)

Chicken and Corn feed  — We need people to dish up plates for customers.

Bartenders — To serve beverages.

Games Committee — This would be a great opportunity for students.

Logistics Committee — To help set up tents, stages, and gather picnic tables.

Transportation Committee — To set up some type of transportation to get people back and forth from the parking areas to Main Street.

Questions: e-mail

Donations visit:

Or send donations to:
Colfax Commercial Club
613 Main Street
P.O. Box 417
Colfax, WI 54730

Thank you,
Colfax Commercial Club
Scott Gunnufson, president