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LTE – Karry Motz – 3-26-2014

I thought the Glenwood City School Board welcomed the public at meetings to voice their concerns.  Apparently not when they are tired of hearing about a subject, as we found out at the last school board meeting.


 Approximately twenty adults whose children attend our school came to express their concerns about a frac sand mine in close proximity to our school property.  Three of our school board members showed their disdain by rolling their eyes and smirking as the parents were heard.  Shame on them!  They know who they are.  We already get that from the city council, we don’t need it from the school board also.  I am sure they are getting tired of hearing about the mine being so close to the school, but we still have the right to express our concerns to an unbiased board.

I do want to say thank you to our school board president, the administration and several school board members who were attentive and respectful to the speakers.   I would also like to thank Superintendent Tim Emholtz for presenting his letter to the city council.

Yes, we are concerned and yes, we are quite serious.  The School District of Glenwood City is in jeopardy of losing many students, as many parents are researching open enrollment.  If and when the frac sand mine begins, our kids will be gone.  This saddens all of us.  But unlike many of our community leaders, we put the health and safety of our children before money.

Karry Motz