LTE – Jeff Ericson – 3-12-2014

In response to Carol Johnson’s Letter to the Editor, the week of February 9, I too, worry about the state of our union. I believe the institution of democracy is under attack as government regulators and pseudo-environmental groups seem more aligned with benefitting corporations, stripping local control, and erasing constitutional rights than preserving the Constitution.

 When a corporation regardless of industry can swoop into a rural community, take control and force its agenda on an unwilling population for the financial benefit of a few, I believe we no longer live in the free nation.

It is no secret that Ms. Johnson, a Forest resident, has been a proponent of industrial wind energy in our town, as well as a supporter to reverse protective zoning in our community, which would only benefit commercial enterprises. The intent of her letter is perplexing, as industrial wind and no zoning both threaten the quality of life, property investments, and constitutional rights of everyone in Forest.

Johnson states the fossil fuel industry receives huge subsidies but neglects to inform the reader that those subsidies are consistent with all corporations in the energy industry.  Johnson further neglects to inform the reader that industrial wind energy receives subsidies regardless of production and nets much higher payouts than conventional energy. The development of and production from wind farms is reliant on subsidies in order to continue operation. Turbines produce electricity only when the wind blows; which means the real winners are not the retail consumer or businesses but the developers, investors, and owners of wind farms.

I completely agree with Ms. Johnson that the time has come “We the People” must pay attention and elect lawmakers that put the people before corporate interests. In the town of Forest, we have elected our supervisors not once, not twice, but three times because all three have proven their dedication to the majority; a majority opposed to living inside an industrial wind facility.

In these days of greed over good and propaganda over truth, when lies are disguised as facts, I am reminded of when King George ruled America, and our nation’s forefathers fought against tyranny and won. Those patriots went forward to create a nation “Of the People, By the People, and For the People.” It is time to take a stand against those who would make corporations king.

I agree with Ms. Johnson that it is the responsibility of each American to vote responsibly, but I disagree that most voters are uninformed or ignorant as Johnson infers. In the last several years, I have observed a trend of more participation at the local, county, and state levels of government all across Wisconsin and the United States. Communities such as Forest will only “perish from the earth” as we know it if residents do not support an ethical and responsible local government that puts people before profit and demand constitutional justice from our state and federal representatives. We are residents of the Town of Forest in the Great State of Wisconsin and we are Americans. We live by a higher standard!

Jeff Ericson
Resident, Town of Forest