LTE – Jody Slocum – 3-5-2014

To Editor:

At the City Council Meeting Monday February 24th and there was concerns brought up by Council members about whether the school supports or opposes this mine.

I am asking the Glenwood City School Board and Staff to please speak up for the sake of our children and go on the record as being against this mine. Whether we are for frac sand mining or not, that is beside the issue. This is about the location. There are too many threats to our children’s health to locate a mine this close to the school.

Our school’s future  is in jeopardy because of this. Who would choose to enroll their child in a school so close to a silica mine? We’ve already heard of people say they plan on taking their children out of this school district. We know the fine silica particles are very harmful and there is no way the wind won’t blow the sand over to the school.

Please contact the Superintendent, School Board members and attend the next School Board meeting Monday, March 10th at 6:30 room 441 (east entrance of the school) and join me in asking the Board to stand for the children and against this mine.

Jody Slocum
Downing, WI