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LTE – Lana Strand-Benson – 2-13-2014

Dear Carlton,

I just want to express my gratitude to the small town that I live in. Boyceville. We have some of the nicest people here.

Four years ago, when I brought Warren home after his amputation, earlier than expected, I called our Chief of Police, not knowing what else to do. He was in Ashland, but made some calls. When we got home, there was his deputy and another village employee (our neighbor) and they carried Warren up the steps into our home. Many times the village has come to our rescue. Just last Thursday I was out doing an errand for our neighbor and I fell in the deep snow and with my two new knees, I was unable to get up on my own. Fortunately I had my cell phone in my pocket and again I called the Chief of Police. I said “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” I never thought I’d be saying that. He said he’d be there in two minutes, no one minute. He was there in no time and helped me up and into the house. Dan Wellumson is not just the Chief of Police, he is a friend to us and so many other residents. He is truly a blessing to us and Boyceville.

I’ll bet there are other towns and villages that have that kind of relationship with their employees, but I will also bet there are way too many that don’t. We are indeed fortunate to have such wonderful village employees and friends. Mayberry has nothing on Boyceville!

Lana Strand-Benson
Boyceville, WI