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LTE – Paulette Klatt – 1-22-2014

Dear Paula, Carlton, and all the people of the area,

It was with the same horror you felt that we in Titusville, FL felt when news of the horrid fire reached our ears.  We grieve with you at the loss of the upcoming Glenhaven building.  As the Glenwood Community and the wider area has come together in other tragedies, I have heard the rallying cry already, even at a 1600 mile distance.


 Hurrah for the good people of the area.  Thank you for rallying together to help and support one another.  Another hurrah goes out to our brave fire and ambulance crews who so valiantly serve the community and hung together when the Glenhaven fire broke out.  You are all to be commended.  How wonderful to have the support of the multiple community fire departments, and everyone else who got out to help.  It makes me proud to know you.

It is also with hope in my heart that one day in the near future we will see Glenhaven’s building project restart and come to be a reality.  I pray for the board of directors, the staff, and the residents.  May God help each of you in your hours of stress.  Perhaps there are people reading this that never thought of joining the auxiliary for Glenhaven.  If so, please don’t loose the idea.  These people need your support too.

In closing, I want to praise everyone who rallied, is rallying, and will be rallying in support.

Paulette Klatt
Titusville, Florida