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LTE – Russ Franko – 12-11-2013

Should Common Core be called Communist Core? In Florida a new law was passed that parents cannot interfere with their childrens’ education. Interfere? Just wanting the right to know what they are being taught? That’s interference?

I heard from a Minneapolis grandmother that her grandchild is being taught, at an early age, about sex, lesbians and homosexuality. Education? What about the history of our country? Why it was started because of the suppression and slavery such as the person in England that was sent to the prison colony in Australia because he owed two cents on a library book! Or the people had to pay taxes to the King’s religion even though they weren’t of that religion? Is this taught to our children to show why the people revolted and formed a new government called the American government or way of life where the people, the individual has rights that were not to be punished by a slave making government. Where each individual’s rights are important. If their excuse is to not teach about religions in school, then isn’t Communism really a religion? Religion simply means a certain belief in a way to live. So therefore this would shut out many ways of life being taught in schools which is insanity. Why? Because the purpose of religion  being separate from the government  was so that a King or any dictator cannot tax or suppress the people. It was not meant to suppress communication and ideas. This is “One Nation Under God”. This is “Freedom and Justice for All.” Why? Because injustice is suppression of an individual’s rights where the person is not doing non survival actions to his fellow man but being punished for it. This is done by insane judges that go by “The Letter of the Law” instead of the “Intention” of the purpose of why that law was made. Also the intention of the citizen in his action where he was supposed to have broken it. This punishing of decent citizens and allowing criminals to go free “because there’s no room in prisons” has got be handled. It’s easy to  do. Let’s teach the children why this government was formed as “One Nation under God.” Its purpose and system so as to not let would be dictators some in and take over using the leadership as the country to snuff out any competition and bypass the constitution and the bill of rights and the purposes intended to put their own type of “ideas of control” regardless of the constitution and bill of rights.

When people have something to hide, they have closed door sessions and try to get the politicians to sign it before they have a chance to read it. Are these done to control the people and manipulate them? If you are really intending to help the people instead of controlling and suppressing them, you don’t have to hide it from them.

So as President Thomas Jefferson said, “If the people do not have the information to wield the power correctly, do not take the power from them. Give them the information.” Truth is as good today as it was 200 years ago. It was always workable. Children need to know our history.

Russ Franko