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LTE – Carol Vega – 10-30-2013

In the “Off The Mayor’s Desk” article dated Oct. 16th, Mayor Larson stated “The mine will provide 40-60 jobs, paying in excess of $50-$60,000 annually.” What is the reality of this statement?

 A report dealing with jobs created by frac mines published in the Eau Claire paper states the following:

“According to a chart in the report, from 2001 to 2011 of the 10,549 new jobs gained in Eau Claire, Chippewa and Dunn Counties, only 132 jobs (1.3%) were created by operating frac sand mines. If the future growth of jobs in Wisconsin occurs at only half of its historical rate, frac sand mining will never become more than a tiny sliver in overall state employment.”

If the sand mine is approved, only Vista Sand will decide how many new jobs will be available.  Vista Sand will hire individuals who best meet their qualifications. At present, those qualifications are not known. There is no way to know who the successful applicants will be.

The citizens of Glenwood City deserve an explanation of the facts Mayor Larson based his following statements dated Oct. 16.

“The mine will provide 40-60 jobs paying in excess of $50-$60,000 annually.” Folks, this is a living wage without having to commute an hour each way to Eau Claire or the Twin Cities.

There are some red flags popping up in this statement.

1. Only Vista Sands will determine how many jobs are available.

2. Only Vista Sand will dictate salaries.

3. There is no certainty that these jobs will go to Glenwood residents

Carol Vega