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LTE – Sheila Renee Lammi – 10-16-2013

If the Highland Wind Project is built, the residents of Forest Township will no longer be living in the “Land of the Free”. Most of us here are against the project, but where are our rights? The Constitution guarantees our property rights. I don’t understand how the Public Service Commission can allow a project that would lower land values and threaten the health and safety of the people.

The project that passed [2 to 1] may not even be feasible. Using untested software to curtail the noise is experimental. Also, no project this big [44 turbines] has ever been built near so many people. Yet the Chairperson, Phil Montgomery, is willing to let Emerging Energies use us as guinea pigs. On the other hand, Commissioner Ellen Nowak has doubts about the modeling and voiced her dissent. She stated the fact that the turbines are not easy to take down once built.

If built, the landscape will change drastically and wildlife will leave. Animal’s ears are even more sensitive than ours. Both people and livestock had health issues after the Shirley Wind Project was built. How many more will become victims before our grievances are addressed? I was shocked when Commissioner Eric Callisto said that if they didn’t approve this project, the wind industry in Wisconsin could be set back. That is not a reason to grant a permit. The mission of the PSC is to protect the health and safety of the people. There are places where wind energy does not make economic sense. The amount of energy that would be produced by the Highland Wind Project is not worth the construction cost or the sacrifices of the residents.

Forest Township is a beautiful pastoral community. Two bald eagles flew over my head the other morning. Four young deer ran into my woods this evening. I feel blessed to have lived here the past forty years but if the turbines are built, I will be surrounded by four-500’ turbines, each one less than 3/4 mile from my house. One alternate would only be 3/10 of a mile away. We are committed to continue to fight to protect our township. If our freedoms can be taken away, so can yours. Go to the Forest Voice website [] for more information.

Thank you,
Sheila Renee Lammi