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LTE – Dennis Hurtis – 10-16-2013

Dear editor,

I am writing this letter in regard to the letters and articles in the paper. I am an immigrant to the city, living here since 2005 and live on 2nd street.

The first remark I would like to make is to the lady from Bloomer that said when she washed her clothes line her wash rag is black, well ours is too. It is what happens from the sun and moisture to plastic coated clothes lines. As far as dust here in Glenwood City I have to wash my windshield nearly every day from the dust here in the city. I am in favor of anything that will safely boost the economy in the city that does not increase the property taxes. And I do have a granddaughter in the high school here in Glenwood.

As for the recall election, I feel that if the officials have not been involved in any immoral act nor have they caused the city to lose money or committed any civil crime, then they should finish their term. If you have a problem with them after their term, vote them out. By the way I am not a close friend to any of them.

One other statement I would like to make, I have been hearing different things against the sand mine and the city officials and the comments are coming from people that do not live in the city. My feelings are that if you don’t live in the city, stay out of the issue. I have not jumped on the band wagon to stop or defend the wind mill, because I do not live in the township, so if you don’t live in the city stay out of the issue. I hope that the people with the petitions to get rid of the city officials all live in the city or it would be a conflict of interest.

Thank you,
Dennis Hurtis