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LTE – Sunny DeYoung – 10-9-2013

Last week’s Letter From the Editor posed a question to the community i.e.: why go through the expense of a recall election now when in April 2014 there would be a regular election of the Mayor and Council members. It would cost money and inconvenience the City.

One answer that seems obvious is that this Mayor could do even more harm to the community in the upcoming months, than if he’s replaced now, by a candidate with behavior toward Glenwood City’s residents that reflects the office of Mayor as it is meant to be conducted. I would also add that it is the legal right of voters to ask for a recall just as it was the last time a recall election was held.

Another answer may be that he has refused to allow Glenwood City’s citizens a voice in their own city’s future after over half of the City’s registered voters asked for a vote. He will not allow the city’s residents their due as Americans.

Another answer may be that he has repeatedly claimed it was ‘premature’ to ask for an annexation referendum while at the same time he was beginning to hold closed meetings with Vista Mining Company to negotiate an operators agreement with the city.

And yet another answer – this Mayor and Council seem to be looking out for the interests of Vista Sand – and out of state (Texas) Mining Company far more favorably than they are looking out for the interests of Glenwood City and its citizens.

At the time of this writing, the petitions for recalling the Mayor and two of the Council Members have been secured and will soon be delivered to City Hall. The ease with which these petitions have been signed by the City’s residents is a clear signal that the community is eager for change.

Sunny DeYoung
Glenwood City, WI