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Letter to the Editor – Russ Franko – 9-18-2013

In the Eau Claire paper they are having pros and cons on the activists verses people living in a wolf territory.

 First of all they thought that we had a total of 700 wolves but are finding the numbers are more like 1400 wolves in the state.

Animal activists are always sticking up for wolves without ever seeing one. They sit in their own little world in the city all safe from these killers. My family went up toward Clam Lake to give the dogs practice for bear hunting. Someone else up there heard their own dogs like they treed one. It took 5 minutes on the 4-wheeler to get there and all that was left was the dog collars. The pack of wolves got them. Why don’t these wolf lovers get off their butts and go up there and picnic and tent for a few days in the woods and enjoy the excitement of seeing them and experiencing them in real life. Maybe you and the wolves will enjoy each other first hand and the wolf will enjoy the delicious meal your body provided.

The livelihood of people up there that depend on deer hunters, etc. suffer because of lack of deer. The state also suffers. There will always be people that destroy in the name of progress.

In Siberia the people fear the wolf as they are still being eaten by wolves. So wolf lovers, “Put your money where your mouth is.” Go up and camp for a week and take some nice steaks in the woods. Whose children or grandchildren will be a lunch for them. Does a person in the big city have the right to stop the people living in wolf territory from protecting their children and grandchildren from these killers? Yes, wolves must eat, too.

“Until you walk a mile in the other person’s shoes,” don’t protect and overprotect while causing mental and physical pain to those that are living in the area of these natural killers. Go experience it first.

My hero, President Tom Jefferson, said “If the people do not have the information to wield the power correctly, do not take the power from them. Give them the information.”

God Bless America.

Russ Franko