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LTE – Ted Bissell – 8-28-2013

August 24, 2013

Letter to Editor:

As the new addition at Glenhaven will be completed this year, I wish to relate to everyone my experience at the Center.

 I spent two months there, half the time on my back recovering from a broken hip and intestinal surgery. The hospital and doctors told me that perhaps I would not walk again.

With the loving care by the nurses, aides, physical therapists and staff I am now walking without help and have danced at least once. The meals were great, well-balanced and the food was plentiful. One could not ask for more than this.

My point in writing this letter is: if you or a loved one needs loving care for rehab or any kind of need, or will need nursing home care in the future, you need not look any further for the best is right at Glenhaven.

Ted Bissell