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LTE – Barbara Standaert – 8-21-2013

Statement Omission

In the August 14, 2013 Tribune Press Reporter, in the article, “Glenwood City Council petitioned to have referendum on annexation,” my name appeared along with statements I made at the Glenwood City Council meeting on Monday, August 12.

 I was quoted in the article as such: “She concluded by saying that she did not have anything against sand mining.” I did indeed speak those words but the rest of my sentence was omitted. The correct sentence I spoke was more to this manner: “I do not have anything against sand mining BUT I do not believe they should be so close to a small community or a school.” I want to make my intentions clear as the shortened sentence may imply that I am for the proposed sand mining operation in Glenwood City when I am absolutely AGAINST it.

I thank Carlton for being at the meeting to cover the sand mining issue since I think it is such an important one whom everyone needs to have a say in. Here is a particular quote, author unknown to me, that I feel is pertinent to the sand mining issue: “To live in the community without taking part is to relinquish a say in its direction.”

Respectfully submitted by,
Barbara Standaert
Resident of Glenwood City, WI