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LTE – Russ Franko – 8-7-2013

Carlton, I’ve got to compliment you. I’m in Los Angeles and people here have seen your paper and say how nice it is. It has all kind of good happy news. The report on the rodeo and all different events with houses and buggies and 4H and other things.

Okay, now on more serious matter. The article on Geo. Zimmerman murdering a black man. Obama putting his two cents worth in because the verdict didn’t convict the white man.

 Evidently the jury figured, by the evidence, that the black man was criminal in his interactions, so came the decision. So if Obama said “Trayvon could have been me, 35 years ago,” then is that an admittance that Obama was willing to do a criminal act when he was younger? Are the acts he is doing now to bypass the senate and congress, using executive privileges, acts against the constitution and the bill of rights? These are the safety factors for the people of the United States to protect the rights of the people as one nation under God. Should Obama and Holder be impeached for treason to the constitution and the bill of rights?

I’m also disappointed that Gov. Mark Dayton signed a bill that homosexuals can get married. All religions know this is sodomy and is very destructive to any society. It shows the degradation of humans being lower than animals. The creator did not make us male and female to be destroyed by some that think they are smarter than the creator of this whole universe, not just this planet.

If this, as stated, is One Nation Under God when it was formed, then why and how can godless people infiltrate places of power in the societies, such as government and churches that would allow this disorderly confusion in our society and also make sure that a prayer could not be said in schools while allowing all of this destruction of our society which defends all citizens, without discrimination, against the perils of a slave state and its prejudices. If there was a call for a 100 city protest against the verdict on Zimmerman case, then why wasn’t there a call of a 100 city protest against O.J. Simpson?

We cannot have these prejudices for one race, favoring it over another, but most have all good Americans bond together and put down these criminals of all races so society can prosper and we can be happy defending each other against all these onslaughts, regardless of race of political convictions.

If you or I were in a state of power in government and would make foolish statements of hate that would emotionally excite the ignorant, we would be arrested for attempting to incite a riot. Why do we allow these in power get by with this? They should be impeached. Leaders are supposed to get the races and religions to work together in harmony. Not the set them against each other as Adolph Hilter and Joseph Stalin did in order to enslave people.  They got the people emotional so they can’t reason. They lie. Is that what Obama’s doing? Saying the rich should pay more taxes? They pay more than we are as private individuals. Corporations don’t pay their taxes, you do! When you buy their product. You  want those taxes raised so you can pay more? They get you to “hate the rich” and they sucker you in so you hate instead of reason it out. Remember “All liars are cowards, and all cowards are liars.” I’d rather follow President Thomas Jefferson when he said, “If the people do not have the information to wield the power correctly, do not take the power from them. Give them the information.” It’s time to teach and it’s time to impeach.

Russ Franko