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LTE – Pat Scepurek – 7-24-2013

In the article written by LeAnn Ralph on the Forest Zoning ordinance, I have several comments to make. First, on the issue of the electrical generation, she only reported a small part of my comments.

 I said with this huge amount of power generation (12000 kilowatts) allowed in our zoning ordinance, I’m concerned that it would come back to haunt us, just like the sentence in our Town Plan that says Forest is open to all kinds of renewable energy. This has a much different meaning than what was reported.

LeAnn also failed to mention in the article my comment on our Town Government, which I feel should be stated. The people of Forest elected us (Jaime, Rick and me) to represent them, so no matter what happens and what we delegate, we the Town Board are still responsible for the outcome. Many issues, which are the concerns of the residents of Forest, still need to be addressed. I want to make it clear that I’m in favor of Town Zoning but I feel over the past year we could have produced a more thorough and thought-out document to send to the county. This is why I voted against this draft.

Thank you for your time,

Pat Scepurek

Town Board

Forest, WI