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LTE – Jim Laskin – 7-17-2013

July 2, 2013


This morning at five a.m. when I came to work at the Cafe, I noticed what looked like yellow sugar on our picnic tables.

Later in the morning, when time allowed, I went to clean it off and discovered it was sand. “How very odd.” I thought. “Why would there be yellow sand all over our tables?” Our first customer was an older person who almost slipped and fell coming in our front door. “There’s sand all over, it’s slippery!” she said. There it was again, that yellow very round sand…FRACKING SAND.

Someone thought it would be funny to toss fracking sand all over the front of The Cafe. Please know that you almost caused an innocent bystander to hurt themselves. If you want to discuss Glenwood City’s silica sand issue, feel free to do so. But don’t lash out mindlessly. It implies you are without good arguments and are reduced to throwing tantrums. our community is better than that.

Jim Laskin

Owern, The Cafe