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LTE – Mark Jackelen – 7-10-2013

Dear Editor,

The other day I was considering how I could increase milk production to help cover some expenses. You see I need to shore up the old barn or bury it and the purse strings are pretty tight.

So I got to thinking after reading the New Richmond School Board Packet and attending the meeting June 24, 2013. Now, that’s a brain trust of minds if ever I have seen one. Like me the school district has buildings that need to be shored up or buried.

Morrie had talked about raising the levy for Community Education (Fund 80) to cover the cost of the Community Commons Building. Brilliant! Everyone in the district would share the cost; but the state threw a curve ball by freezing Fund 80, which is the Community Education Fund for the next two years.

But wait here’s the answer from Morrie. The school board can by resolution bring a referendum to the district residents to raise the levy. Now you may ask how we can be so sure the school board will bring a levy increase; on page 12 of the payment summary for the board is a payment of $176.00 for hypnosis classes. While I thought the school board members were just bobble heads it turns out they have been hypnotized.

Now that got me thinking, if I hypnotize the cows to produce more milk, I will be on easy street. As for the district, which is all of us; keep your eyes sharp and your purse strings tight, there’s a referendum coming our way and it won’t be small. Look into my eyes; you are getting sleepy, sleepy. This is why my Dad always said avoid eye contact.

Svengali has left the building!

Mark Jackelen
New Richmond