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LTE – Audrey J. Anderson – 7-3-2013

To the editor:

I am really sick of all the stupidity over the frac sand and also the wind power. To me the big difference between them is that wind power is subsidized by the government (we the taxpayer) and frac sand is not.

 It provides jobs and more available and cheaper gas from the U.S.A. I believe that a lot of the controversy stems from jealously. If all the opponents owned land with frac sand available for sale, wouldn’t a lot of them be open to making money also? That land was for sale and most were not smart enough to invest in it.

It has gotten so that a person owns land, pays taxes on it and everyone wants to tell them what they can and cannot use their land for! It just doesn’t sound like America to me.

I don’t own frac sand land and I do not know those who do. I don’t know anyone from the company that buys frac sand.

I think that if we lived 100 years ago these same people would try to prevent the manufacture of cars and airplanes — after all aren’t they bad for the environment

Audrey J. Anderson