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LTE – Skipper Ford – 5-29-2013

Dear Editor,

The other day as I was thinking about the mess in Washington D.C. I noticed a woodtick crawling up my arm.  That made me think that maybe there were more so I checked and sure enough there were many woodticks on me.  After I removed all of them it occurred to me that the word poly means many and the word ticks means blood sucking animals.

Consequently when I combined the words poly and ticks I got politics.  Does that mean that politicians are many blood sucking animals?  WELL, let’s look at the similarities.  1.  Woodticks are always looking for a victim.  Politicians are always looking for someone that can get them elected.  2.  Woodticks are always looking for the place where they can get the most, the easiest blood from you.  Politicians are always looking for ways to get the most, the easiest  taxes from you.  3.  Woodticks hate to leave once they become situated.  Politicians hate to leave office once they get to Washington D.C.

I hate woodticks.  I can’t say the same about the other poly tics.  But there sure is a similarity between them.

Skipper Ford