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LTE – May Ross – 5-29-2013

To the Editor:

“We, the ones who are challenged, need to be heard – to be seen not as a disability, but as a person who has, and will continue, to bloom – to be seen not only as a handicap, but as a well-intact human being.” – Robert M. Hensel (born with Spina Bifida)

St. Croix Industries (SCI) provides an essential service to adults with disabilities in St. Croix County.

 The St. Croix County Health and Human Services Board has voted to end funding for SCI within a very short time, and without looking at alternatives or additional sources of funding.  More time is needed to study available options.

This past year SCI was awarded The Outstanding Small Business Award by the New Richmond business community.  The professionalism and experience of SCI staff is key to this success.  For 39 years they have provided excellent services to at-risk clients.  The current structure of the program is highly efficient and productive.  SCI provides both meaningful work for its clients and valuable services to area businesses.

To their clients, SCI provides transportation, a dependable work schedule, and a regular paycheck that the clients look forward to and depend upon.  The quality of the clients’ lives is greatly enhanced by SCI’s well-trained, client-centered, consistent staff.

To area businesses, SCI provides valuable cost-effective services.  Just ask Farm and Home, Hammond Cold Storage (Ralcorp), Accelerated Plastics, Express Lube, or Marsden, just to name a few.

The staff ensures that clients have individualized workloads that suit their abilities and compatibility within the workplace.  This is not an easy task, considering the variety of disabilities and needs of each client.

Such a successful and valuable enterprise as SCI deserves the continued financial support of the St. Croix County Board of Health and Human Services.

May Ross

New Richmond