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LTE – Mae Finder – 5-29-2013

Thank you Buzz M. for your kind letter regarding St. Croix County – SERIOUSLY? You mean to tell me you want to close St. Croix Industries so you can give more to those individuals that are perfectly able to work but choose to stay home, lay on the sofa all day and watch TV, collect food stamps while we feed them and house them.

 The clients working at St. Croix County Industries are so enthusiastic about going to work and can’t wait to bring home a little pay check for their accomplishment.

How do I know? My son has worked at St. Croix Industries for 20 years and he has loved every minute of it. It gives him self worth and he has lots of friends and it give him satisfaction that he is doing something worthwhile. He hates to take a day off. That’s dedication.

I suggest you wake up and think about what you are doing. Do you want to keep giving to those that don’t care and just want a handout, or keep St. Croix Industries for these disabled individuals who deserve consideration for a future.

If you have to close the building at New Richmond, find another building for these disabled wiling workers. They do more for St. Croix County than all the “free-loaders” laying around waiting for a free handout and believe me, there are plenty of these people. Keep St. Croix Industries going.

Mae Finder