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LTE – Julian Bender – 5-22-2013

Sand Mining and Civics Lesson 101

Once again the residents the Glenwood City and Downing area are being called upon to become involved in the process of governing. In this case that process involves one word– ANNEXATION.

My intent with this letter is same as it was when I helped organize the Sand Mining Forum last year: raise awareness of what is happening at the local level; urge residents to learn about the issues associated with sand mining; and get involved in the process of allowing mining to take place in the Glenwood City and Downing area.

Currently, a committee of The Glenwood City Council is preparing a revision of its non-metallic mining ordinance. Wisely, the council believes a revision is needed to address the scope and magnitude of a frac-sand operation as proposed to Saint County County last year. This revision is scheduled to be considered at the June 3rd city council meeting. This is a good thing because as of this week the St. Croix County Community Development Department has received the following items:

Five letters in support of a sand mine in the G.C. Area (3 from land owners, 2 from The Township of Glenwood)

Eighty four letters opposing the current mine site

A signed petition with 471 area residents opposing the current mine site.

Civics teachers across America would be applauding these residents for getting involved in the process of governing.

It is highly likely that an annex petition will be submitted to the Glenwood City Council shortly after it adopts a revised non-metallic mining ordinance at the June 3rd meeting. If approved, the proposed mine site will be under the control of the city ordinances and not the county.

Whether you are opposed or a supporter of sand mining in the Glenwood City and Downing area, I urge you to learn about the issues (truck traffic, water and air quality, etc.) by ATTENDING ANY COMMITTEE MEETINGS ON THIS TOPIC AND the council meeting on June 3rd. Decisions made in the next few months will have an impact on all area residents for the next twenty years or more.

Be informed and expect your elected representatives to be as well so that we all know what we are committing to now and in next two decades or more.

Julian Bender

Committee members: Bryan Cress, Tom Stack, Ken Peterson, Shawn DeWitt, Joe Hill, Mark Oberhelman, Ben Degross, Nancy Hover, Scott Schone, John Larson, Crystal Booth, Dave Grease, and Terry Klinger.