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LTE – Charolette Heimer – 5-22-2013

Dear Editor,

I believe it is important to recognize good people for good choices. I personally would like to thank Crystal Booth And Ben DeGross for their “no” vote during their city counsel meeting addressing the “appointed committee for the study of constructing a city mining ordinance.”

 It is my understanding that the reason for their “NO” vote was that they had hoped to see individuals appointed to the group who had additional perspectives and possibly previous knowledge of the subject. It seems to me like this would be an excellent idea! Why would we reinvent the wheel so to speak? I mean when hiring an employee a business person looks for someone with experience and knowledge so there is less money and time wasted in training. Do we want our firefighters to be knowledgeable about hidden dangers of updrafts etc.? Should our coaches have experience in the sport they coach? I think Yes to all of these…why would we choose to veto a nomination to a committee because the person might have too much knowledge of the subject? Is it even ethical or legal to veto a public nomination for an individual to a committee? The people serving on the committee, as with most volunteer committees, are very busy folks and usually very active in our community. There is so much information that needs to be researched by this committee and so much time that will need to be dedicated that it can not be done in a month! Yet these appointed committee members have just been denied the research done by a citizen of our community! (One who was nominated to be on the committee but denied by the mayor!) Two plus years of research is already available to them! Thanks again Crystal and Ben. I believe your efforts deserve kudos!

Charlotte Heimer,
Citizen of Glenwood City