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LTE – Buzz Marzolf – 5-15-2013

What is our county thinking!

It has come to my attention that those who govern St. Croix County (its County Administrator, its County Board Chair, certain County Board Supervisors and some of those supervisors who sit on the Health and Human Services Board) no longer care about our county’s handicapped citizens.

For many years a portion of our property tax dollars has been used to reach out–with kindness and respect–to those in our county who are unable to help themselves, namely the handicapped clients who work at and out of the St. Croix Industries Building in New Richmond. The long-time Director of St. Croix Industries, Clark Schroeder, and those on his staff who so willingly and ably share in his responsibilities, have consistently and lovingly supported their handicapped clients with wisdom, with gentleness, with firmness, and with compassion.

The reason for this letter-to-the-editor is to unequivocally protest the proposed closing of St. Croix Industries, and to encourage those of you who believe as I do–that this ill-conceived attempt to put more prime county land (in close proximity to State Highway 64, and therefore in close proximity to the new St. Croix River Crossing in Stillwater) into the coffers with that which is already available to developers–is selfish and not in the best interest of our county and its citizens.

Buzz Marzolf
Town of Troy