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LTE – Sali Mounce – 5/8/2013

Dear Editor,

Last week’s comments from the “Mayor’s Desk” regarding fossil fuels and Glenwood City’s responsibility to end dependence on foreign oil were nicely scripted, but seriously lacking in fact and depth.

 The proposed mine that will at least destroy land and environment around Glenwood City also has the potential to destroy a lot more, and I believe will do absolutely nothing toward the goal of dependence on fossil fuels.  That dependence goes to a depth of political and big business backing that only the very wealthy will ever have a glimpse of.

The number of sand trucks, construction equipment and trains that will be used to mine and haul sand from the mine will use a lot more “fossil fuels” than my efficient little car driving to and from a meeting. And that equipment will pound a lot more pollution into the air around here, as well.

“Fracturing,” or “fracking” utilizes toxic chemicals into the air, water and land.  That process is also believed to cause earthquakes in areas where it is being used.  You don’t need to believe what I say, just look it up for yourselves.

I drove past a mine just into Chippewa County very late one night just a couple of weeks ago, and for miles I had the lights from that mine in my eyes as I drove, clearly saw the dust moving and  hanging over the operation and the large towers and equipment. Dust from the mine WAS visible, and I cannot imagine how the noise, lights and dust must affect the homes and farms that I saw around that mine.  If this is what you want for Glenwood City and the whole surrounding area, then that’s what you will get.  Not energy independence. That will come when alternative and earth-friendly fuels like wind and solar power are maximized.

Sali Mounce
Downing, WI